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Emission and Pollution Control

Rupture Disc as Valveguard

Pressure Relief Valves (PRVs) are commonly used in many industries to protect production facilities from an overpressure catastrophe. However, PRVs are expensive to maintain, susceptible to leaking toxic media and at risk of clogging during a polymeric process.

Protect your PRV investments and reduce fugitive emissions by installing upstream rupture discs from Fike as per the ASME Section VIII, Division 1 requirement below

A rupture disc may be installed between a pressure relief valve and the vessel provided:

  • The combination provides ample capacity to meet the overpressure requirements.
  • The rupture disc does not interfere with proper function of the valve (i.e. rupture disc must be a non-fragmenting design).
  • The marked capacity of the valve is de-rated by a combination capacity factor of 0.90 or a factor certified for the specific disc/valve combination.
  • The space between the rupture disc and valve is provided with a pressure gage, try cock, free vent, or suitable telltale indicator. This arrangement must be capable of detecting a leak and/or preventing a buildup of pressure in the space because any pressure buildup will affect the relieving pressure on the process side of the disc.
Fike Emission & Pollution Control

Figure: Combination process side of the disc.

The rupture disc takes the abuse, preserving the internals of your expensive Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) and protecting it from corrosive media, build-up and polymerization.

Fike Emission & Pollution Control

Without Rupture Disc

Fike Emission & Pollution Control

With Rupture Disc

Save downtime, control emissions, protect your pressure relief valves.:

  • Zero process leakage to the atmosphere;
  • Longer periods between major overhauls;
  • Valves can be checked in place;
  • Less expensive valve trim material can be used; and
  • Valve life is extended by isolating corrosive fluids from internal valve parts
  • ASME/CE Certified
Fike Emission & Pollution Control

Learn more on our Products

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